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With 20 years of experience in the trade of Marble Restoration, Halajian Marble Restoration provides professional work at an affordable price. Instead of paying big company fees, you will receive affordable pricing from a family-run business.

Yelp Reviews

  •   I called Harvey for 3 areas in my house in May 2020: cleaning travertine flooring in my bedroom, cleaning and sealing marble stone in my shower and shower floor, and sealing kitchen marble.

    First, after quoting me $875 and agreeing on that price, he started demanding an additional $350 because there was "too much work." After some back and forth, I agreed to pay another $250 because Harvey and his sons worked for several days and I felt bad for them. They really seemed like nice guys, even though I thought it was strange that, after coming to my house and seeing the scope of work, all of a sudden it was "too much" work. Huge red flag in hindsight. So if you still decide to hire these people (which you shouldn't) after reading this review, make sure you have them commit to the price they quoted.

    The work seemed ok because the stone was shiny and smooth at first.

    However, less than two weeks later, I noticed the marble in the shower began showing some white haze. I called Harvey and he said he would let me know "sometime" in the same week about coming out and seeing the issue. He never let me know or came.

    Fast forward to December (just over 6 months after the job) the marble in the shower looks awful. The white haze has spread and it looks hideous. I just got off the phone with Harvey, and he began giving me the typical runaround, saying he didn't install the stone and it's the "wrong type" of stone to be used in a shower. He also said he doesn't know how the stone was maintained and claimed that the stone needs to be sealed every month. But, after he explained what needs to be done when he finished the project, which is squeegee the shower after every use and apply only marble-friendly cleaners, we have religiously followed his advice. We have been using only Granite Gold and soft sponges for cleaning.

    Long story short, Harvey is refusing to come out and fix his work after he ruined my shower marble. Why do I think he ruined it? Because the shower was used for 2 years before he worked on it and it did not have this problem.

    He said that if he does come out, he will have to charge for re-sealing. He even said he doesn't want to see the picture of the issue! He is also refusing to listen when I tell him that the marble was used for 2 years before he came and never showed issues like now after his work. So if it were a problem with the stone, the same problem would show way before he was there to work on it.

    He completely let me down and I will never, ever hire him again and I urge all Yelp readers to avoid him. I had also recommended him to a friend, and will now tell them not to hire Harvey. Don't hire Harvey and don't trust him. He may be nice at first, but then he will take advantage of you and leave you hanging. Total and utter disappointment.

    I tried my best to give Harvey a chance to work with me and to resolve this problem, but he kept giving me the cold shoulder and saying he won't do anything. And so I wrote this long and negative review (which I didn't want to do) to warn everybody.  

    Based on my research, it also looks like these people go under "LA Marble Restoration." So avoid that as well.

    *********Response to Harvey's reply below**********

    Nothing passionate about my review. Facts only.

    You are either a liar or you have no idea what you're talking about, or both; further embarrassing yourself. You yourself told me that the stone in the shower was marble. And now you're saying it's limestone. I can't believe that someone claiming to be a "professional" doesn't even know what type of stone they are working with. And this also tells me you probably didn't even use the right product because you didn't even know what type of stone you were working with.

    In addition, the "serious etching" you are talking about was on the bench area and the step near the glass. The hazing I'm describing is in a completely different area of the shower. But of course you wouldn't know this because you didn't even want to see a picture of the problem. You're clearly trying to deflect from the issue and save your "reputation," which in my eyes is terrible.

    And I'm not using anything acidic. Based on your advice we had our cleaners use Granite Gold since you left.

    As far as payment, again, don't embarrass yourself with more lies. After several days (which you said would only be 2 days) and in the middle of the project you started demanding more money. "Professionals" don't do that. Instead, they make accurate estimates and don't demand more money from a customer in the middle of a project. Are you saying that you didn't ask for $350 more before you were done with the job? I literally felt bad for you after you said the money is for your son because he had to spend additional time on the job. And now you're pretending that you were being "professional." You clearly don't believe in honesty.

    Professionals also don't refuse to help their customers like you did.

    thumb Art B.

      These guys are the real deal. After I neglected my floors for far too long, Harvey diligently worked with his crew to bring the floor back from 0% finish to a mirror-like glossy finish.  They showed up on time, were courteous, and cleaned up every square inch after themselves.  Oh, and the pricing was very fair for the number of workers and time spent on the project.

    thumb Dean S.

      Harvey H. takes pride in his work and misses no detail. He's also ethical. That says a lot.

    thumb John D.
  •   I am so impressed with this company!  They came on time, they did an amazing job, they cleaned up like they've never been here. What more could you ask for? Those floors have never looked better!

    thumb Teri B.

      Fantastic service, restored our marble floor that had been damaged by a cleaning service using the wrong product that has lactic acid in it. Floor looks good as new & they were here the day after we contacted them.
    Very professional guys & respectful of our house. Will definitely use them again if we need them.

    thumb Nikki T.

      WOW WOW WOW!!
    They did the most amazing job on my marble countertops!  They actually look better than when they were new.
    We are prepping our house for selling and doing many things.  This by far was the best money spent.
    Plus, they were on time, efficient and super neat.  There was no mess left behind.  
    My husband and I are absolutely in awe of the transformation and we are wishing we had done this a lot sooner.
    HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.
    Thanks Henry!!

    thumb Connie P.
  •   Edited***
    Harvey and his crew were very courteous and professional from start to finish. Harvey was also punctual both times he came to the house- for the free estimate and to commence his work. (This is important to me as a working mom)

    The scope of work included cleaning tile grout and quartz cleaning/resealing. I was very pleased with the quote he gave me- the price was very reasonable in comparison to the other quotes I got.

    The prep work was done very well . The quartz cleaning was superb.  While I was very very pleased with the grout cleaning on my kitchen floor tiles, I was a not as happy with the shower tile /floor grout cleaning . Upon inspection , I still found dirty grout in two bathrooms. (It wasn't Harvey who "cleaned" the bathroom grout.) I actually don't know if they even did anything with it other than give it a few scrubs . I'm disappointed that only half of the job was done well while the other half was left the same as it was before.


    thumb Mush T.

      Outstanding work! Did not expect my travertine floor to look new again after 9 years of abuse in the kitchen. Harvey was great from the beginning on time, answered all my questions, explained everything and a fair price. Thanks again Harvey and Crew!

    thumb Jovino M.

      Our travertine floor on the first floor of the house and in our upstairs master bedroom really lacked luster and had a number of pits that developed over time.  We were faced with either replacing all the tile or doing something else to bring it back to life again.  I had a few quotes that I had gotten to hone and polish the floors versus tile replacement.  We decided to go with Harvey and Henry to do the work, based upon their knowledge, experience and price.  We had a sample of what the floor would look like with a matte/satin finish and decided to go with that.  We had the work done while we were away on vacation.  Harvey sent us some pictures and it looked great.  When we got home we (i.e. my wife) was disappointed that the floors didn't shine as much as she would have liked.  Harvey and Henry were over the next day and resurfaced the entire floor with acid polishing that really made them look like marble.  It was at extra cost, but that was to be expected because we changed our minds on the finish we wanted.  It took them 2.5 days and the floors look amazing.  The wife's happy and that's what counts.  They also filled all the pits with epoxy and caulked the baseboards.  Best decision we could have made going with this family business!  I would highly recommend them!!

    thumb Curtis H.
  •   We received two quotes to refurbish our kitchen tiles. Halajian was the more expensive, but we went with them as they said they would epoxy and hide a few chunks of tile that were missing as well. The other provider said they couldn't do anything about the missing fragments. We are definitely happy we went with Halajian in the end. The kitchen floor looks like it is brand new (actually better than brand new as the grout sealer now matches the tile color) but also they were able to repair the missing chunks so that you practically cannot see where they were. I also think their quote was actually extremely good value as they had 3 guys working on the floor for an entire day. You could see that the refurbishment was a very labor intensive process, but Halajian kept going over places until everything was perfect. I feel you can really trust Halajian to do the best job possible and it is really worth getting them.

    thumb Dennis G.

      I have Carrera marble everywhere in the kitchen and all the bathrooms that were due for serious polishing.  Harvey and his team worked their magic and brought all the countertops to their glory once again.  They even came on a holiday to finish and I appreciated their dedication on delivering a high quality job rather than rushing to get out early. I was so happy with their work that I asked them to do more work at another property. I would use them for any future jobs.

    thumb Connie L.

      Henry and his father from Halajian Marble just finished a job at our place. They were wonderful to work with, friendly and did an amazing job! Our main kitchen counter was in pretty bad shape, it had white residue and could not get it looking clean and shiny. The whole kitchen looks brand new now. Thank you for your professionalism and talent! -Hilary and Mike

    thumb hilary a.

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