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Marble & Stone Cleaning

Halajian Marble Restoration has performed plenty of Stone & Marble Restoration jobs. As a result of the years of servicing Los Angeles, we are extremely skilled in cleaning stone & marble.

Stone cleaning is essential. After years of wear and tear, marble and stone flooring needs to be effectively cleaned to rid it of unattractive blotches and stains. We clean a multitude of stains and imperfections. These stains can be oil based, organic, inorganic metal stains, biological, ink, paint, water, fir & smoke damage, etch marks, and efflorescence. We will make sure your marble or stone shines when we are done with our job!

We can help

If you are looking for a professional company with highly experienced service providers, you are in the right place.

Whatever your stone & marble need, Halajian Marble Restoration can help! Our marble & stone restoration services for Los Angeles and surrounding areas include: Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing, Grinding, Honing, and Grout services.

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