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Stone & Marble Grout Cleaning

Halajian Marble Restoration has performed plenty of Stone & Marble Restoration jobs. As a result of the years of servicing Los Angeles, we are extremely skilled in stone & marble grout cleaning.

Old and abused grout creates for an unsightly and dirty appearance of your flooring, and dirty grout can’t just be cleaned with a wet mop!

Over the years, your shining white grout can turn darker than the tile itself. Because of it’s generally light color and porous composition, grout easily stains. Dirt, grime, and spills are usually the culprit of dirty grout between tiles. In bathrooms, it is usually soap, mold, and mildew that cause the discoloration.

We can help

If you are looking for a professional company with highly experienced service providers, you are in the right place.

Whatever your stone & marble need, Halajian Marble Restoration can help! Our marble & stone restoration services for Los Angeles and surrounding areas include: Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing, Grinding, Honing, and Grout services.

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