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Marble & Stone Sealing

Halajian Marble Restoration has performed plenty of Stone & Marble Restoration jobs. As a result of the years of servicing Los Angeles, we are extremely skilled in marble & stone sealing.

Stone sealing is the application of a surface treatment to products constructed of natural stone to retard staining and corrosion. The surface of all natural stone has tiny cracks and passages running through it, allowing damaging liquids and gasses to penetrate. This is true for igneous rock types such as granite and basalt, metamorphic rocks such as marble and slate, and sedimentary rocks such as limestone, travertine, and sandstone.

Though stone is loved for it’s tough nature, if not cared for, it can erode and get damaged, even in the cleanliness of ones’ home! Thus, sealing is a must. A good seal is spread and applied on the stone protecting it from liquids and other damaging elements.

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Whatever your stone & marble need, Halajian Marble Restoration can help! Our marble & stone restoration services for Los Angeles and surrounding areas include: Polishing, Cleaning, Sealing, Grinding, Honing, and Grout services.

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